How We Can Help

Nevada Rural Development Council Can Help Your Community

The assistance the NRDC provides a rural community doesn’t stop at community assessments. We offer follow-up help such as, leadership training and support creating community foundations. Additionally, the NRDC has the extensive reach and knowledge of local communities that is critical when organizing conferences.

Leadership Development

The NRDC will provide leadership training to willing participants in Nevada’s rural communities. It is important to give members of each community the support and tools they need to carry out the objectives set forth within a community assessment. Turning ideas into actions is an important part of a growing successful community and the NRDC is available to provide coaching for these skills. Contact the NRDC for information on choices in leadership development.

Creating a Community Foundation

A Community Foundation is a way for a group to fund activities that serve local areas in improving education, youth opportunities, environment, arts, among many other deserving beneficiaries. The NRDC can help areas set-up a community foundation, which includes organization, oversight, funding, donor requests, grant giving and scholarships. A community foundation is the perfect way to fill a need within a community on an ongoing, structured basis that will improve the quality of life in a rural area.

Rural Conference Coordination

Because of the nature of the NRDC’s work, we have many contacts in rural Nevada. This communication network allows us to be experts in setting up town hall meetings, listening sessions, and conferences in rural areas. We have many years of experience in conference coordination that helps create opportunities for government agencies, private business, and community groups to have dialog with rural neighborhoods. Give the NRDC a call when planning your next conference in Nevada.