What is a Community Assessment?

A Community Assessment is an assessment by the NRDC developed from information provided by you and your neighbors that encapsulates the vision for your community. It is part of the process in developing a Community Action Plan.

How does a Community Assessment work?

A trained resource team schedules listening sessions for one hour each over a three or four day period where community residents answer the following three questions:

  • What are your community’s major challenges or problems?
  • What are your community’s major strengths or assets?
  • What projects would you like to see accomplished in your community in the next year or even five to twenty years?

The answers to these questions reflect your community’s issues and concerns and help identify its priorities for the future. You and your neighbor’s participation determines the success of the assessment.

Who facilitates the Community Assessment?

The NRDC’s community assessment coordinator selects members of the resource team. These trained and certified representatives come from across the state of Nevada and have many years of experience working with Nevada businesses and communities.

What are the results of the Community Assessment?

On the last day of the community assessment, the resource team presents a preliminary report at a town hall meeting. The report summarizes what the team saw and heard during their time in the community and identifies major themes arising from the listening sessions. Within a matter of weeks, the resource team returns to the community to present a draft report at a second town hall meeting. The draft report analyzes major themes, makes recommendations to address the issues and concerns under those themes, and provides a list of resources that may help implement the recommendations. At that time, local residents prioritize the themes identified in the report, volunteer to work on specific themes or projects and begin to develop action plans.

Who schedules a Community Assessment?

A local government or organization contracts with the Development Council to facilitate the community assessment. The assessment is supported by the Nevada Commission on Economic Development, USDA Rural Development, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, the Western Nevada Development District, the Nevada Small Business Development Center and many local groups and organizations from within the community.

Is it easy for someone to participate in the Community Assessment?

Yes! You attend one of the scheduled listening sessions bringing your clear, concise answers to the three questions listed above. There is no debate, discussion or partisanship during the listening sessions. Everyone can speak without being judged. All we ask is that your responses be brief so that everyone can speak.

What happens after the Community Assessment is complete?

The NRDC can provide leadership training, help setting up a community foundation or other services to assist communities in carrying out their goals. It is up to the community to realize the goals set forth in the community assessment; however, the NRDC will assist in the preparation.