Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase capacity, economic and community development, in rural Nevada through cooperative actions amongst members of the community and its partners.

About the Nevada Rural Development Council

The Nevada Rural Development Council (NRDC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization who develops and expands alliances among local, regional, state and federal efforts. The NRDC advocates for and enhances rural Nevada’s human, economic, and natural resources while assisting rural communities achieve locally determined objectives.

The NRDC specializes in organizing and reporting Community Assessments for rural communities in Nevada. A Community Assessment shows a collection of information gathered from community members regarding the strengths, weaknesses and desired future of the area. Funding for Community Assessments comes from the contributions of local government, businesses, community funds and/or grants. The NRDC also provides leadership training for rural communities, assists in setting up community foundations for funding, and organizes rural conferences.