• City of Wells
    City of Wells

    The NRDC compiled a Resource Team to assist the City of Wells in evaluating the community’s challenges and assets. With the Council’s help, residents of Wells were able to map out a plan for improving the quality of life and social and economic future.

  • City of Fernley
    City of Fernley

    The residents of Fernley knew their community had a lot of potential. The NRDC was able to meet with the citizens of Fernley and organize their vision to begin the strategic planning process for developing their unique area.

  • Lincoln County
    Lincoln County

    The communities within Lincoln County recognized their strength was working together to achieve progress. They asked the NRDC to perform a Community Assessment in order to create a strategic plan for improvement county-wide.

NRDC Can Help Your Community

The assistance the NRDC provides a rural community doesn’t stop at community assessments. We offer follow-up help such as leadership training and support creating community foundations. Additionally, the NRDC has the extensive reach and knowledge of local communities that is critical when organizing conferences.

Nevada Rural Development

Helping Nevadans Build Stronger Communities

The Nevada Rural Development Council assists communities to increase capacity and create common goals for community improvement. The NRDC also collaborates with agencies, businesses and community groups to facilitate those improvements.

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Community Assessments

A Guideline for Community Improvement

Community Assessments result in documents that spell out the plan for community priorities. Members of the community contribute to these plans, both by giving their opinion on the status of their community and volunteering ideas and time so the community can thrive.

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How We Can Help

Creating Success in Rural Nevada

There are many services that the Council offers from years of experience working in rural areas. From leadership training to conference coordination, the NRDC is a great resource for all Nevada communities.

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